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The Rotary Club of Taipei (RCT) belongs to District 3481 and home to Past Rotary International President Gary C.K Huang (2014-2015). RCT was chartered on October 9, 1948.  The Charter Club President was C.K. Yen, Former President of the Republic of China. We are the FIRST Rotary Club in Taiwan and one of only three English-speaking clubs in D3481.
Club News
The objective of our project is to establish well equipped dental centers in two rural locations Namobuddha and Ghodaghodi.
Our aim is to increase the overall number of patients visiting the dental care center and to ensure that the dental care unit is full of strong professional personnel.
The Target Outcome is to provide services to 2,500 patients per year plus 3,000 students.
On July 2nd 2021 the Rotary Club of Taipei conducted the installation of the new team, led by President Andy!
We had a large virtual audience which demonstrated that the unshakable spirit of Rotarians will not be diminished by these troubled times of pandemic. It is precisely this Rotarian resilience . . . this ability to adapt and continue with our service, even in the face of adversity, that makes us all to be so very proud to be a Rotarian.
P Andy measured the challenges of our tasks ahead while expressing the confidence in the team and recognizing the success of the years past: 
"I am confident because IPP Philip and his team have left me a Rotary Club that is functioning like a well-tuned engine.  Our accounting practices are balanced and more streamlined, our membership has grown enormously, our service projects have been fine-tuned and this is due to IPP Philip’s care, diligence, and stewardship . . and mostly, this is due to his leadership. Thank you IPP Philip.  I am truly grateful. The other reason I am comforted is because I have a team of expert and dedicated Past Presidents and fellow Rotarians who will advise me, prop me up, and ensure my success.  For my success is the club’s success.  I’m ready to jump out that proverbial “door” as long as I know you, my 2021-22 team . . . That you, my Past Presidents, and fellow Rotarians are there to catch me."
P Andy encouraged us all to continue to be as true Rotarians, people of action": "I learned that a key strength of Rotary is that we are “movers and shakers.”  We are a network of diverse and accomplished professionals and “people of action.”  Our action is realized through service. I hope I can be a role model and a “person of action.”
Members of RCT want to express our deep appreciation and thankfulness to our beloved IPP Philip Liang, for leading our club to rejuvenate in the Rotary year 2020~21, which will remain in our good memory for long.
IPP Philip is a Rotarian with seniority, yet ready to adopt new ideas. He is a well educated person, full of experience and wisdom, willing to dedicate his time and personal financial resources to serve the club, the members and communities globally. During this Rotary year, we encountered and suffered a major epidemic in history, but our fellowship and enthusiasm for service had not been affected at all. Our membership number had a net growth of 18.5% or 12 persons, our fundraising achieved the budgeted target, our service projects domestically and globally had accomplished more than what we planned.
In addition to his leadership, this year's success is also attributed to his good use of people. He appointed a secretary, PP Building, who is a senior, and experienced Rotarian, willing to contribute his efforts and time, to manage the heavy club business. Philip also appointed a club treasurer, famous accountant graduated from overseas university, to handle financial management, so that the Rotary Club's working capital flow was sufficient, and the service was carried out even better than the predetermined plans without any financial difficulties. We are also very grateful to his secretary PP Building, Club Treasurer Aaron Wu, and his entire team and committees for their unrelenting cooperation in club affairs and various services.
Thank you all, for a wonderful year in Rotary which will be remembered for a long long time.
PP Hydraulic
The coronavirus situation in Taiwan being more serious the Rotary Club of Taipei implemented On-line meetings to ensure safety for everyone and the entire community.
On May 27th 2021 we hold our first meeting on-line. Complete with lighter session, PP Building’s Rotary Knowledge,  PP Roadrunner’s SAA collection, we had a very successful gathering attended by more than 40 Rotarians and guests.
Our New Member Rotarian Ben gave a presentation on Bilingualism and shared his experience as head of the French Section of the European School in Taipei.
Let’s keep Safe and continue our service projects and virtual fellowship!
When a disastrous flood struck East Timor over the Easter Weekend, the timing could hardly be worse. The small nation of 1.3 million to Australia’s north was experiencing a peak in COVID-19 cases, at a time when the flooding in the capital Dili left important medical supplies destroyed.
Volunteers from the Rotary Club of Dili put out the call to Rotary districts in Australia for urgently needed supplies - a message which reached Australia’s Deputy Representative in Taipei, Rotarian Brent Moore.
The Rotary Club of Taipei International Service Committee quickly came up with a plan to donate 80,000 protective face masks. Within days, production had commenced at Taoyuan manufacturer CoreBio.
Air freighting the cargo to Dili during a pandemic would still prove to be a major challenge - a problem solved through the generous support of Rotarian Antoine Bouin and his professional team at DB Schenker Taiwan.
This week the masks were released by East Timor customs, and will be donated to the Ministry of Health for urgent distribution to those most in need.
Special thanks to Rtn Brent for bringing up the request, Rtn Jason for finding the budget within Service Projects Committee, President Philip and the board members for their unanimous support, Rtn Antoine for sorting out the logistics and Rtn Frank for providing valuable advice to make it happen!
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