Members of RCT want to express our deep appreciation and thankfulness to our beloved IPP Philip Liang, for leading our club to rejuvenate in the Rotary year 2020~21, which will remain in our good memory for long.
IPP Philip is a Rotarian with seniority, yet ready to adopt new ideas. He is a well educated person, full of experience and wisdom, willing to dedicate his time and personal financial resources to serve the club, the members and communities globally. During this Rotary year, we encountered and suffered a major epidemic in history, but our fellowship and enthusiasm for service had not been affected at all. Our membership number had a net growth of 18.5% or 12 persons, our fundraising achieved the budgeted target, our service projects domestically and globally had accomplished more than what we planned.
In addition to his leadership, this year's success is also attributed to his good use of people. He appointed a secretary, PP Building, who is a senior, and experienced Rotarian, willing to contribute his efforts and time, to manage the heavy club business. Philip also appointed a club treasurer, famous accountant graduated from overseas university, to handle financial management, so that the Rotary Club's working capital flow was sufficient, and the service was carried out even better than the predetermined plans without any financial difficulties. We are also very grateful to his secretary PP Building, Club Treasurer Aaron Wu, and his entire team and committees for their unrelenting cooperation in club affairs and various services.
Thank you all, for a wonderful year in Rotary which will be remembered for a long long time.
PP Hydraulic