Posted by LEO Wang on Jan 27, 2019
Dear fellow members 
Jan 27th we had a  fantastic year end lunch at  Spring Resort in Beitou.
It was great to have long time no see families Sean, Cathy and their 4 lovely kids, Henry families and Stephen! 
We took the walk to the nearby mountain trails to witness the hot spring sources and a 110 year old temple in the morning. It was well worth the early getup on Sunday!
Then we had the tasty meals and drinks prepared by the Spring Resort Hotel in the private room arranged by hotel owner, a great friend from Eternity. Each of the members gave very warm and meaningful story regarding Rotary life during  lunch, that was the best moment the whole day! 
Most members enjoyed the hot spring SPA after the lunch - it's the best activity in winter times! 
Thanks to P Jason and support from many members for the event.