Dr. T. F. Chen is a painter, writer, philosopher, visionary, and initiator of "Neo-Iconography" in painting. 
Born in Taiwan and educated in France, Dr. Chen was the 1st Asian scholar to earn a Ph. D in Art History from La Sorbonne, where he established “Five-Dimensional World Culture” in theory (1969) and initiated “Neo-Iconography” in painting
Dr. Chen presented the extent of his artwork and explained his inspiration.
Neo-Iconography is a daring new form of communication. It unites East and West, past and present, by organizing and combining familiar “icons” in unfamiliar ways.
Like a passionate art collector, Dr. Chen assembles images he treasures and places them together an eclectic composition, which may be startling, puzzling, joyful, sorrowful or humorous.
“Neo-I” is a daring form of art because it challenges both the artist and the viewer to accept new meanings for established images. Each painting has a visual impact with a philosophical underpinning.
Dr. Chen's work can be viewed at New York City’s T. F. Chen Cultural Center -- a non-profit organization which focuses on advancing international cultural exchange and a global New Renaissance.