Posted by Nancy Lang on Mar 30, 2019
It was such a fun day out with fellow Rotarians, friends and family. Many of us are visiting the tea garden for the first time in Taiwan. We have learned more about the type of tea tree known as camellia sinensis in general. Emei town specialized in Oriental Beauty Oolong tea and we tasted three different grades and it was very different, and it's all because of a magically little bug. We also got to experience tea making first hand, through this experience, we get to understand the hardwork and the craftsmanship of making tea. After yummy traditional Hakka family-style lunch, we walked around Emei lake and visited the world's largest Happy Budda. We finished the trip with more tea making.
To sum up, it was a wonderful experience, and hope all of our fellow Rotarians can join us on our next trip!