Posted by BUILDING Liao
This year, out of the initiative of P Museum, RC Taipei has organized a 5-minute "Rotary Story" session at each weekly luncheon to briefly introduce a topic on Rotary History. Welcome to check out the presented files and discover Rotary through time!
This week topic was presented by PP Building (Dennis Liao) on The History of Rotary in Taiwan.
We learned that the first Rotary Club in Taiwan was actually the The Rotary Club of Taihoku chartered in 1931. Together with some other clubs they stopped functioning in 1945 when the Japanese left Taiwan 
Our club, RCT was the First Rotary Club after WWII. It was chartered on October 9, 1948 (by help of RC Kunming) with 33 members. Charter president is C.K. Yen, past president of Republic of China (Taiwan).