On October 7 -9, The Rotary Club of Taipei led by Mr. Andy Malanga, the 2021-22 president of the Rotary Club, went south to Mudan Township, Pingtung County the southernmost tip of Taiwan. The entourage included Professor Hwa Kuoyuan, Dr. William Choi, and Chairman Lin Junhong, Mr. Tomas Lutovsky and others.  We were received by Secretary Tsai Chongren.  Later that day and the next the entourage met indigenous people from that area.
    During the meeting, President Andy Malanga explained that the Rotary Club aims to promote professional exchanges and provide social services and hopes to assist the relevant development of Mudan Township through using its own strengths. He explained that the Rotary Club of Taipei hopes to learn about ideas and needs from the local community, and then through the professional cooperation of Rotarians, help reach solutions to local problems.  The aim is to benefit all Taiwanese society and to show the value of the Rotary principle of "come in to learn, go out to serve".
    Secretary Tsai also introduced the development of Mudan Township in recent years to the visiting guests of the Rotary Club of Taipei, and thanked the first female doctor of the township, Professor Hwa Kuoyuan, for the introduction, and hoped that Mudan Township could have more positive civil society influencers to assist in their development.
   During this visit, the two sides interacted enthusiastically, and set the stage for better and meaningful future exchanges and interactions.