On July 2nd 2021 the Rotary Club of Taipei conducted the installation of the new team, led by President Andy!
We had a large virtual audience which demonstrated that the unshakable spirit of Rotarians will not be diminished by these troubled times of pandemic. It is precisely this Rotarian resilience . . . this ability to adapt and continue with our service, even in the face of adversity, that makes us all to be so very proud to be a Rotarian.
P Andy measured the challenges of our tasks ahead while expressing the confidence in the team and recognizing the success of the years past: 
"I am confident because IPP Philip and his team have left me a Rotary Club that is functioning like a well-tuned engine.  Our accounting practices are balanced and more streamlined, our membership has grown enormously, our service projects have been fine-tuned and this is due to IPP Philip’s care, diligence, and stewardship . . and mostly, this is due to his leadership. Thank you IPP Philip.  I am truly grateful. The other reason I am comforted is because I have a team of expert and dedicated Past Presidents and fellow Rotarians who will advise me, prop me up, and ensure my success.  For my success is the club’s success.  I’m ready to jump out that proverbial “door” as long as I know you, my 2021-22 team . . . That you, my Past Presidents, and fellow Rotarians are there to catch me."
P Andy encouraged us all to continue to be as true Rotarians, people of action": "I learned that a key strength of Rotary is that we are “movers and shakers.”  We are a network of diverse and accomplished professionals and “people of action.”  Our action is realized through service. I hope I can be a role model and a “person of action.”
P Andy stressed the focus that he wants to bring for the 2021-2022 year
  1. I want to Focus investments of time and money to maximize impact.  Impact within our club and positive impact through our club service projects.
  2. I want to do things together (Hands-on) by engaging members as we conduct service projects and expand community service and volunteer opportunities.
  3. I want to Report on our Success internally and externally through advertising and promoting our successes using social media, conventional media, radio, and news releases.  There is a certain humility in remaining a silent professional; however, we should celebrate our successes and share these with our members, with Taiwan, and with the world.  Promoting our “Serve to change lives” attitude will create its own positive impact by inspiring others, and by prompting new recruits to join our Rotary community.
  4. I want to Grow and nurture our Membership using strong programs, increased fellowship time and new fellowship opportunities involving our families, baby clubs, and District events.
  5. Finally, I want to insure we plan and execute projects that yield the greatest positive Community Impact to "Change Lives" in Taiwan and internationally.  I have specific interest in and placed special emphasis this year on helping instill hope into the lives of disadvantaged children, and disadvantaged peoples in Taiwan and internationally.