The Online English Learning Project launched by RCT has as mission to Facilitate growing Mindsets and Stimulating Interest in Learning
We are putting together 2 Bilingual High Schools and 3 Primary schools to help the elementary school students to learn and practice English.
This year more than 60 high-school students from Taipei European Schools and Asia American International Academy volunteered to be the teachers!
Dan Lu Elementary School, Da Guang Elementary School and Yong Gang Elementary School from the more disfavored region of the Southern part of Taiwan participated in the exchange, with more then 66 students involved.
Our project is structured in a continuous learning mode
The conexion is built around the RCT Website where Students can connect and deliver/receive classes. We have created automated processes to ensure attendance and correct connection between mentors and students
What counts are the children, to give them an opportunity to grow!
For the mentors, it is also a great opportunity to experience that they can make the difference in the life of others!
The Primary Students at work!
The teachers are also working hard!
The Rotary Website serves as connexion for all