Posted by ADVOCATE Huang on Dec 25, 2018

Our Club has been hosting the English Speech Contest (ESC) every year for the past 64 years, having begum modestly in 1955, when RCT sponsored two separate oratory competitions celebrating the theme that “He profits most who serves the best”. We are proud that over these years, thousands of students have benefited from the opportunities provided by the competition and have continued on to important professional and community leadership positions.

Due to the increasing improved English skills within our communities, we are refocusing and rebranding the ESC to be called the English Social Solutions Contest (ESSC), with a focus to create future international leaders, encouraging students to use creativity and team work to create awareness and finding new solutions for difficult social problems, with the possibility of putting the solution into action. The students will form a team of 1-3 individuals to find a solution to a current social problem.

Open to students at Taiwan ROC’s universities, and not limited to nationalities, the ESC will be reborn into the ESSC and continue to be a major service activity of the Rotary Club of Taipei. As with past ESC events, the core objectives of this contest will focus on Creating awareness and finding Solutions for Social Problems, Improving Leadership Skills, Confidence, Entrepreneurial, Problem Solving and Communication Skills.

This year’s ESSC topic is How to Improve the Air Quality in Taiwan..

ESSC 2019 Event Date: April 27, 2019 @ (TBD)