It was my greatest honor and pleasure to serving as chair for the Taitung Service Project. This was truly a tremendous journey filled with rewarding and meaningful experiences.
First and foremost, I’d like to send my sincerest gratitude to Ms. JinHua Wang (汪金花) from the TFCA (台灣安心家庭關懷協會). Her unwavering dedication to the children on a daily basis is nothing short of heroic. She has a heart of gold which she shares with the children through each interaction. Long evenings at the school, facilitating the food bank, working with the parents through difficult times and being the consistent adult in these kids lives. Her acts are what make a difference at TFCA. She has believed in RCT for many years and consistently hosts our team of mentors.
I would like to recognize PP Jason for staying dedicated to this project for many years with humility and graciousness. A special thanks goes to President Philip and our excellent team members for joining us and supporting activities as mentors: PP Jason, Renzo’s family, Hans, Frank, PP Hydraulic’s Family, PP Stephen’s Family, Alex, Nancy, Maggie, Frances. All of you certainly do have the magic touch when mentoring the kids!
In addition to the members mentioned above, I’d like to recognize our excellent Rotaractors who were experts at leading the many children’s activities. They consistently play the part as big brothers and sisters to the children each year. Miss Elda’s art class helped the kids to release their potential and creativity, both fundamentally important for young children. The brilliant Chef Albert with his team of sous-chefs conducted an informative, healthy and interesting cooking class. It not only fed the kids stomachs, but also their minds with inspiration.
Spending only two days with the children may not seem like it could accomplish much. But we know that our mentorship is meaningful and well received by the children each year. Sewing the seeds of passion and love in their hearts is our mission. Being a part of their lives is our commitment for years to come via this local project.
Rtn. Athena
Chair of Taitung Service Project 2020