Posted by PP Braces on Mar 14, 2019
On Jan. 31, 2019, PP Braces and a group of 13 dental volunteers, dispatched for Ivato, Madagascar for dental voluntter service.
There were 6 dentists and 7 assistants. 2 dentists are also rotarians form other clubs.

The group was able to treat  368 patients with 540 extractions, 16 cleaning and 88 cavities filled.
Madagascar is a country with dramastic demand in healhcare service, esp. in dentistry. people with a average income of USD 1.25 per day, could hardly afford to visit a dentist. It was estimated that there was less than 500 dentists in a population 24 million.
There were 2 prices for extraction - one with anesthesia and the other one without anesthesia. Please imagine how suffering to have tooth removed without anesthesia.

Madagascar, former colony of France, became independent on June 26, 1960. The island is 18 times of Taiwan, but the population is only 1 million more than Taiwan. So it is lessly populated.  The capital is Antananarivo and the common languagage is French and Malagasy. The most attractive product is Vanilla.

In our service , we were able to spot a 2 months old girl with Cleft Lip. We came to know the the HIS foundation from Hong Kong will send as operation team going to Madagascar for volunteer  surgery for a yearly base. We could have the baby put on waitlist once she has achieved the critierion for surgical repair. But the family has to pay for the transporation from the province to the capital, living cost for one week and the medicine. It was estimated to be USD 55.  so , PP Braces donated USD 500 from the International Service fund of our club for the benefit of other cleft patients for surgery.